Type “Britishness” into Google and you will end up with a wide variety of subjects – from David Beckham to the Queen; from the House of Parliament to a squadron of Spitfires; From HP sauce to fish and chips. All are “British” but they are just part of the whole culture which has that… indefinable quality. It’s cool but you can’t work out why. Daniel Craig as James Bond adjusting his tie is cool. So is a chocolate Hob Nob biscuit with a nice cup of tea. Black with milk ideally – Yes we can be confusing.

So what is it that's cool about John Lennon squinting, Mo Farah flag-waving, Winston Churchill harrumphing and Joan Collins not taking herself seriously?

The answer is easy – it’s Britishness.

The aims of the BBCU therefore are twofold and quite simple :

“To promote Britishness, and to help British businesses in Ukraine”


The BBCU offers helpful consultation services to both companies and individuals. In addition we have a network of long-term expats who live and work here and can offer useful business and personal advice.

Click here to download the brochure about our services

For companies the BBCU can provide:
  • Company set up and registration
  • Accountancy and tax advice
  • Business accommodation
  • Staffing / outsourcing
  • PR Support
For individuals the BBCU can provide:
  • Advice on temporary and permanent visas
  • Work permits
  • Accommodation
  • Language courses
  • Medical tourism


To help promote Britishness we plan a series of events throughout the year that will have a distinctly British flavor. Whether its discussing the work of an invited British architect; celebrating the design eloquence of the latest Aston Martin or having dinner with an Olympic gold-medalist we can assure you of quality, good company and great memories.